About JTHC

Water gives land its life and value. It can be the difference between profitability and a dim business outlook. Communities depend on it being available with the turn of a faucet. Families trust it to be clean and safe. It grows crops. It builds economies. It sustains ecosystems. Water is no less a common thread to all corners of Texas life than the story of Texas itself.  Having strong water security can be one of the most important positions to hold when planning for the future. 

JTHC understands this in a fundamental way.  The firm focuses on guiding clients through the challenges of land, environmental, and water rights protection at the local government, agency, and courthouse levels. We’re built for the water rights owner—growers, ranchers, manufacturers, and water suppliers.  

Practice Areas
Water And Land Rights Counseling

Regulatory Guidance.

Surface Water and Groundwater Rights Transactions, Permitting, and Protection.

Land and Subsurface Protection.

Administrative Hearings, Civil Trials, and Appeals.

Policy Guidance

Policy development and analysis.

Legislative assistance and support for lobbying efforts.